Graduation Day Message - Great Promise


January 11, 2018 is a special day because it is the Day of The Great Promise. We’ll be holding our invitation-only Graduation event in Kingston. It’s when we recognize the educational achievement of kids in our care and we hand out bursaries for college and university. It’s a day of promise for two reasons. First, we are recognizing some of the most promising young people in our community. They are more than the challenges they have faced. They are strong and courageous. Education is so often a barrier for kids in care. These kids have achieved something by graduating from Grade 8, Grade 12 or college/university and it is noteworthy. Second, this is the day when our community needs to remember the promise it has made. When community members like you started our Agency in 1894 they made a promise to the youth of our community to protect and nourish them. Our Children’s Aid Society takes care of these kids, and keeps them safe, on behalf of the community. We are all responsible for their well-being. And we all have a stake in making them as successful as they can be. Part of that is sending them to college or university through donations to our Futures Fund bursary program. It’s not a hand-out, it’s a hand-up. A promise made and, today, a promise kept. That’s why today is so special. Thank you for your support. 

Make a donation online with a credit card to help send a kid in foster care to college or university.

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