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Summer’s already over for some kids in KFL&A

Published by John Suart on May 19, 2016

Family and Children’s Services’ annual summer camp fundraising program begins

For some of the kids served by Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington summer has already come and gone. The Children’s Aid Society is trying to reverse that by launching its annual summer camp fundraising drive to send kids to camp across KFL&A. 

“Every kid deserves Summer, but many of the kids we serve don’t go to Summer Camp – they just stay home. That’s because their families are in crisis. Without our help they won’t have much of a summer at all,” said John Suart, Manager of Community Relations. 

The 121 year old Agency protects children from abuse and neglect. Many of the families they serve face barriers that prevent them sending their kids to Summer Camp. For these families, finding a camp, making arrangements, paying the cost and getting the kids there is a major challenge. The Agency’s government funding doesn’t cover Summer Camp for these kids, who are receiving services but who are not in care. It relies on donations to make the program work. Last year, they sent more than 65 kids to camp. If they had the money they could have sent many more, and for longer. 

“This is not just a problem for these families, it’s a problem for the community. Summer camp is an essential part of development for any child. Studies suggest the kids we serve have poorer health outcomes when they become adults in part because of a lack of physical activity when they were young,” said Suart.  

More important is the need to give these kids and their families a message that they are not alone. 

“These are perhaps some of the most disadvantaged kids in our community. One of the things they really need is hope. Sending them to Summer Camp won’t solve all their problems, but it will let them know that the community cares.”

Family and Children’s Services is launching a $15,000 fundraising campaign to help provide services and funding to send kids to summer camp. In particular, the Agency is asking parents who are sending their own kids to camp this summer to think about making a donation to the Agency’s summer camp program.

“We’re asking families whether they can help one of our families this Summer.” 

More information on donating can be found at