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Family and Children’s Services reaches major “300” milestone in keeping families together

Published by John Suart on May 03, 2016
Our Children’s Aid Society now has 40 percent fewer kids in care than 10 years ago

We’ve reached a major milestone in our 121 year history. Our Children’s Aid Society has reduced the number of kids in care by 40 percent from what it was 10 years ago. It shows that more than ever before we’re keeping families together. 

Our plan to deliver better services and strategies to keep families in crisis together is working. We’ve reduced the number of kids in care from 500 in 2006 to 300 today. It is an historic achievement in our 121 year old history.

The 300 milestone was achieved by the Agency’s strategic plan, which called for a greater investment in prevention. By helping families deal with the challenges they face earlier in the process the number of children taken into care was systematically reduced.  This included introducing the new Signs of Safety service framework and other changes. The effort is part of an overall trend across Ontario where today more than 90 percent of children investigated by a Children’s Aid Society stay home with their family. Delivering services at home means better outcomes for the children, their family, and ultimately, the community. 

This is part of our overall commitment to change and embrace new ways of thinking and working. This is a great victory for the families we serve and for the community, and there are many people to thank, including our staff, foster parents, volunteers and especially our community partners.

Some people say that Children’s Aid Societies pull families apart. This shows that we’re not only keeping kids safe, but we’re also keeping families together.

300 is more than just a number. It’s a signpost that says we’re on the right track on our journey towards being the best Children’s Aid Society we can be. You can help us get there by being a foster parent, a volunteer or a donor.

Thank you for all your support.