Every year, we operate a unique Summer Camp program that identifies families who need help sending their kids to camp. It helps kids receiving our services but not in our care, which represents most of the families we work with.  Without our intervention, most of the kids who are eligible for the program won’t go to summer camp. In fact, in a survey we did of families in the program in 2019 more than 80 percent said that if we hadn’t provided support their kids would have stayed home all Summer long and not gone to camp at all. That’s not good for their development. It doesn’t help their families, who could use a break. And, ultimately, it’s not good for our community, because we all want every kid to be the best they can be.

Our Summer Camp program can change all that. Our staff identifies families at risk, helps them plan a summer camp for their kids, does the paperwork, pays the fees and ensures the kids get to camp. These families want their kids to go to camp, but they face so many challenges that without our support they won’t be able to send them. 

These are the same kinds of kids we help every December with our Tree of Hope Holiday Appeal. We received a record amount of toys, clothing, food and other donations last December. Now, these kids need our help again. And we need yours. 

Our government funding doesn’t cover Summer Camp for these kids. We rely on donors like you to make our Summer Camp program work. We’ll use your donations to send kids to camps all across KFL&A. Last year, we sent a record number of kids to camp. If we had the money we could have sent many more, and for longer. 

Here’s how you can help


Summer for these kids depends on your donations. 

Can your family help one of our families this Summer?

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