Family and Children's Services
Services à la famille et à l'enfance

Faith, Foster and Adopt


We’re looking for people of faith like you to be foster parents or adoptive parents

We’re a public agency – a Children’s Aid Society. We don’t have a religious affiliation, although we were created in part by church leaders in our community in 1894. Our job is to protect children and youth from abuse and neglect. Part of our role sometimes involves taking kids into our care. For that we need foster parents. We also have a role to play in adoption. For that we need adoptive parents. You can help. 

No matter what faith we all follow, we all have something in common and that’s family. We’re reaching out to churches like yours because we know people like you believe in family. We both agree that the best place for a child to grow up is in a family-based setting. We have kids waiting for a family like yours. If you want to help the kids we serve, then consider being a foster or adoptive family with us. 

It takes a special family to foster or adopt. The process is involved and lengthy. You will be asked for lots of information. You will need to undergo a series of checks. You will need to take government-mandated training. The process is free. And we provide a range of financial incentives and services. Don’t let the process scare you. The people who have been through it say the rewards of being a foster or adoptive parent far outweigh the cost. There’s no better way to help children. 

We currently are looking for foster homes for Teens

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