Family and Children's Services
Services à la famille et à l'enfance

Our Strategic Plan


Strategic Direction 1:  
Strengthen families to keep children in their own home 
  • Make Client Engagement a core principle and activity in service delivery
  • Develop Early Help Model
  • Develop collaborative service to improve client opportunities in:
    • Addiction
    • Mental Health (adult and children/youth)
    • Poverty
    • Domestic Violence

Strategic Direction 2: 
Find timely alternative permanent families for children that cannot stay in their family 
  • Kinship
  • Customary Care
  • Adoption/Legal Custody

Strategic Direction 3:  
In the role of the parent we are committed to every child in our care experiencing: 
  • Family based care
  • Positive Educational Outcomes
  • Transition to Independence
  • Placement stability
  • Vibrant family access program

Strategic Direction 4: 
Promote and develop professional excellence
  • Train and Equip all staff, foster parents and volunteers to deliver exceptional service
  • Implement an Anti-Oppressive Framework
  • Implement a Workplace Wellness Plan

Strategic Direction 5: 
Be Accountable and Efficient
  • Develop a Balanced Scorecard
  • Measure Client Feedback and Participation 
  • Enhanced fundraising capacity